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La la Leche Flan

Your zestie bestie is ready to make your dessert flans extra vibrant!

Count me in!

Generously topped with the smoothest chunks of our house-made leche flan!


With the softest chiffon layers, filled with a burst of zesty dayap curd!


Made with fresh and local ingredients for that extra vibrant bite


Whipped with love and with the zest flavor forever!

What they say about Butternut Bakery?

Check out these sweet reviews!

“Super love the carrot cake! Super moist and hindi tinipid yung ingredients. Two thumbs up! Will definitely order again!”

Carrot Cake

“One of the best birthday cakes ever! Their mocha cake is to-die-for. I'm not surprised why it's one of the most revered mocha cakes in Manila!”

Mocha Cake

“10/10 mocha cake. I finished the order in less than 18 hours!”

Mocha Cake

“Their La La Leche Flan cake tastes good, and is worth trying. On top of its aesthetically pleasing look, the cake itself is good—really soft and the flavors balance the taste of sweetness and tanginess.”

La la Leche Flan

“Perfect OG Brazo de Mercedes. Just the right amount of everything - sweetness, layers and even the extra sugar dusting.”

OG Brazo

“One of the best cakes in Metro. I love their La La Leche Flan Baby Cake. Not too sweet, but you can definitely taste the citrus tangy dayap which is a great combination with Leche flan. This is a must try if you are looking for a new flavor, something that is creamy, delicate and rich.”

La la Leche Flan

“Ube Chiffon with Ube Halaya Filling Baby Cake,  -  it screams Ube.  The most Ube tasting ube cake you’ll ever have.”

Ube Chiffon Cake

“This brazo de mercedes cake tastes sooo yummy! It's so soft that it actually melts in my mouth. Best eaten when chilled. You gotta try this one, especially if you're a yema and meringue lover.”

OG Brazo